Eyelash Extensions

The first is classic extensions. With these we go one by one, isolating each of your natural lashes and gluing on an extension 2-4 millimeters longer than your natural lash. This all depends on the integrity of the natural lash, if its a frail, short lash, well usually go 2 milometers longer. if the natural lash is sturdy and long, we can go up to 4 milometers longer. I will never go longer than what is recommended because that can lead to damaged lashes. If an extension is put on that is too heavy, it can actually break your natural lash or stunt its growth. Keeping between 2-4 milometers longer, ensures that your natural lashes will always be healthy. The only downside to classic extensions is they can only be as full as the amount of natural lashes you have. If you only have 50 natural ashes per eye you will only have 50 extensions per eye. If you’re wanting them to look fuller, you have the option of switching to volume or hybrid extensions.

Classic Lashes

Volume Lashes

Volume extensions are a very advanced form of lashing. Most artists wont learn this technique until they’ve been lashing with classics for at least a year. Here we hand make “fans”, which are made by taking between 2-5 light weight ( lighter weight than what is used for classics) lashes and spread them into the shape of a fan. Then one of these are placed on each of your natural lashes. So say you have 50 natural lashes, you could have up to 250 extensions per eye. This creates a much denser, fuller look than what can be achieved with classic extensions. This is a great option for clients with few natural lashes or clients that want a ittle extra drama!

Hybrid extensions give you the best of both worlds. They are a mixture of both classic and volume extensions. Typically with a hybrid set, i will go through and place a longer, thicker classic extension on your longest, strongest natural lashes. Then on your shorter, thinner natural lashes, which normally would get a short extension or may be skipped over completely, I instead place small, light weight fans on those. This creates a look that is wispy on the ends yet dense near the base.

Hybrid Lashes