Most frequent questions and answers

As long as you want. The upkeep is sort of like acrylic nails. As long as you are getting fills every 2 weeks you can have them for years without needing another full set. If you didnt keep up on your fills, they would all fall out in about 5 weeks, when the glue begins to break down. The glue we use is semi permanent, most having a 3-6 week long hold.

Yes. At least twice a week, if you can remember to do it more often, more power to you. I personally wash mine every morning.

3-4 mm longer than your natrual lashes. Going too long or too heavy can stunt the growth and damage the follicle.

No. Your lashes shed natrually on their own. You loose around 5 eyelashes a day, so being as we glue the extensions to your natural lash, when a natural lash falls off, the extension will still be attached. This is 100% normal.

Yes. Just make sure to not rub your eyes when you surface the water. Gently pat them dry.

Yes. People have reactions to the glue, sometimes even mild reactions to the gel pads we use to tape down the lower lashes. Allergic reactions are rare but they do occur. Usually the eyelids will puff up a bit and become red and sometimes itchy. In the case of a reaction, please contact your stylist and they can remove the extensions for you with some gel or cream remover.